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Giftset for Him

Giftset for Him


The perfect gift and the ideal set for any beard! This set contains a 30ml bottle of Pure Blackseed Oil. A double-sided wooden beard comb ideal for both dense and scarce regions of the beard. Also included in the set is a Bristle Brush perfect for taming and conditioning the beard. Finally, a luxurious Baccarat Rouge Musk by Al-Qasr, an exclusive brand who specialise in niche perfume oils.


    Blackseed oil

    Add moisture and hydration to your hair by incorporating Miraj Cosmetics 100% pure and unrefined Blackseed oil into your routine. This authentic oil is rich in nutrients which nourish the skin underneath to promote healthy hair growth. Blackseed oil is notorious for possessing antibacterial, antifungal, anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties which, in combination, maximise scalp health and moisture whilst combatting dandruff and dry scalp. The presence of excess amino acids promote moisture capture by individual hair follicles. Rich in nutrients such as thymoquinone, linoleic acid and omega-3, promoting blood circulation making this formula ideal for hair growth. This product nourishes the skin and scalp in preparation for healthy hair growth. This non-greasy formula prevents hair loss making it extremely valuable for ageing hair.


    With two sides of varying teeth width, this comb glides through beard hairs without breaking or tugging on the hairs. The wooden material is anti-static, thus taming the hair and reducing frizz. This comb also has moisturising properties due to the tendencies of the material to absorb moisture from the skins natural oils and beard products. With two teeth widths, this comb is ideal for all beard lengths. Wide teeth designed to detangle the toughest of beards and narrow teeth to reach the shorter regions.


    Once the beard oil has been applied, a bristle brush aims to condition the beard. The natural bristles allow for all levels of hair to be targeted with each brush stroke. This promotes the even distribution of oil applied to the beard. Using this brush on a regular basis allows for the elimination of dandruff, dead skin cells and stray hairs, improving the skins health underneath. In addition to taming the hair, this bristle brush will also encourage the hair to grow in the direction brushed in, ultimately promoting a fuller and more tamed beard.


    30 days return policy. Products must be unused, sealed and in the original packaging.


    Free delivery on orders over £30.

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